Become A Champion!

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Becoming a Champion gives you and/or your organization great benfits, discounts, insider looks, early book releases, and much more!  All we ask is that you help promote Self Publishing Insight in various ways.  Please read below to see some of the benefits.  Anyone from anywhere can become a Champion!  Once you see the benefits, contact us via the form on our Contact page or email to find out more. 


+ Benefits for students... 

  • Get written into a book/short story as a character

  • Have our author write a short story about you as the hero/heroine of your own adventure

  • Have an author come to your school  (Fees may apply.  This is in person or via virtual conferencing.)

  • Make money by selling our books

+ Benefits for authors... 

  • Free consultations about your book/your writing with our expert(s)

  • Teaching/training on how to become a presenter and earn money

  • Revealations on the inside of our processes

  • eBook formatting - gratis

  • Base pricing (deep discounts) for publishing your books

  • Professional illustration (via an artist who has worked with both Marvel and DC Comics)

  • Discounted website creation

  • Free newsletter set-up and design for your book/your business

  • Free blog and social network set up for your book/your business

  • Tips & resources from our expert(s)

  • Review and critique for your book/storyline/treatment 

  • Co-writing with our expert(s) on both their ideas and yours (subject to approval)

+ Perks for fans... 

  • Get early releases on The Overlords books, short stories and other books

  • Question & Answer sessions with the author of The Overlords

  • Contribute to the story arc and characters of our books

  • Get written into a book as a character

  • Have our author write a short story about you as the hero/heroine of your own adventure

  • Discounts on visits to your schools/libraries/birthday parties/organizations/etc.

+ Benefits for schools, libraries, educational/literary charities... 

  • Discounts/bulk pricing for our eBooks and print books

  • A gratis presentation/workshop 

  • Shout outs/blog article/interview about their events/projects/fundrasiers/etc.


  • Introductions to our partners to make sure parties can work together to better the whole

  • Various earning possibilities based on our offerings

  • Information on our projections and future plans

  • We will be avialable to review your business ideas

  • Importantly, we also offer an equity path to partial ownership of our company!