What does SPI do?

SPI is a self-publishing consultancy that specializes in helping authors and soon-to-be authors realize their dreams of publication and promotion.  SPI offers expert self-publishing packages, one-on-one consultations, editing services, website design, professional artwork, eBook generation, and much, much more.


What does SPI stand for?

SPI stands for Self Publishing Insight.


What do your services cost?

Our very competitive pricing is based on the type of service you desire.   In order to quote you an appropriate price, please contact Mike@the-overlords.com


How do you publish my book?

We utilize cutting edge cloud technology to optimize both your print and digital books.   Our experts will work with you to take your writing from conception to reality!


How do you promote my book?

SPI offers a host of services to help promote your book, including social networking, newsletter creation, website design, etc.  Please contact Mike@the-overlords.com for further information.


Do you illustrate books/eBooks?

Yes!  SPI partners with Paul Abrams, who has worked with DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and will work with you to professionally illustrate your book, book cover, website images, etc.


Do you do eBook work?

Yes.  Beyond formatting your eBooks, SPI works with KDP Publishing, Amazon’s Kindle eBook wing, as well Pub It! (Barnes & Noble’s eBook branch).


How do I sign up for a workshop?

Simply contact Mike@the-overlords.com.


How do I sign up for a presentation?

Simply contact Mike@the-overlords.com.


How do I get an expert to come to my library and/or school?

Simply contact Mike@the-overlords.com.


Do you offer personal, one-on-one consulting?

Yes!  Contact Mike@the-overlords.com for details.


Do you work anywhere in the world?

Yes.  Face to face meetings can be arranged.  In the near future, SPI will offer visual presentations via Skype.